*NEW* De-Stress Massage!

Stress is becoming epidemic.

These days our lives are busier than ever before and even our down time is filled with screens and beeps and scrolling! Trying to fit our families around our jobs as well as finding time to exercise, eat well, stay on top of all the jobs around the house and also see our friends means it's hard to find time to... just relax.

The De-Stress Massage is specially designed to give people an hour of absolute escapism and intense relaxation. There are rules with this one; no talking, no thinking about what's for dinner, instead, focus on the treatment, it's like a meditation without the effort!

It is a really gentle, slow, calming treatment that helps you to fully switch off, forget your worries and let your body truly, deeply relax.

Stuart tried the De-Stress massage last week and this is what he had to say about it:

An exceptional massage from an outstanding therapist.
I tried Hanna's new 'De-Stress' massage yesterday. Wow! This one is amazing. It normally takes an extremely good therapist and quite a bit of time to help me stop thinking about stuff and just unwind, but Hanna's exceptional skill and new treatment achieved this right from the start. With my brain on 'pause' and the world on 'mute' it was like being suspended in a wonderful space where you can just enjoy the experience of completely letting go and relaxing from the inside out.
All your massages are brilliant and effective in what they set out to achieve, Hanna, but I'm so pleased you've added this one. It's so different from anything else I've experienced and just perfect for unwinding after busy periods of work and travel.

Fancy winning a De-Stress Massage? Head over to my Instagram to enter the competition before midnight on 11th May!

Hanna x