Podcasts for Health

Photograph: Tony Tallec/Alamy

Podcasts are becoming ever more popular and are a great way to make that commute, workout or dog walk go a bit quicker!

There are some brilliant podcasts that focus on exercise, our nutritional health and our mental health.

One of my favourites is The Get Fit Guy. I also love TedTalks Health, Fearne Cotton's Happy Place, Russell Brand's Under the Skin, Dr Chattergee's Feel Better Live More, Running Commentary, The Wellness Women, Plant Based News, One Minute Mindfulness and Yoga Girl's From the Heart.

If you've never listened to podcasts before, then go to the podcasts app on your phone or download one of the other many apps such as Stitcher, Breaker or listen on Spotify.

Do you enjoy listening to podcasts? Let me know if I've missed any good ones off my list!

Hanna x