Do you sit at a desk all day?

Here are my top tips to save your body and mind...

1) Download a screen break app

There are more and more apps out there that can remind you to take a break from your desk. Evo and Eyeleo are popular ones but my favourite is Awareness, which you can download and it discreetly chimes after every hour of continuous computer use. I love it because it is subtle, but effectively reminds me how long I’ve been staring at a screen and when it is time to take a break.

2) Stretch!

When you do get up from your screen, don’t just shuffle to the kitchen and watch the kettle boil – move your body! Touch your toes, twist and bend backwards (carefully!). My favourite stretch is to put your palms on each side of a door frame at shoulder height and lean forwards. This stretches out your pectorals, which can get very tight and shorten if your shoulders are often slumped forwards.

3) Equipment

Ensuring you are comfortable at your desk is paramount to avoiding discomfort and repetitive strain injuries, especially if you spend up to 8 hours there every day.

Ask your employer for a workplace assessment. Make sure you have a fully adjustable chair with lumbar support. You may also need a footstool or an ergonomic keyboard and mouse.

4) Use your lunch break

Eating your lunch at your desk is not big and it’s not clever, use that time wisely!

Get outside, walk round the block, go for a jog, enjoy your lunch on the grass in a local park. Leave your phone in the office so you can look around, think and most importantly - relax. That time is yours and it is sacred, don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for using it and you never know, you might even start a trend!

Finally, it goes without saying, but regular massage can rejuvenate an aching body and relax a busy mind, so make sure you’re getting your fix.